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Where Animals Find Home, Love, Care


We are a 100% no-kill shelter, so we rely on adoptions to free up space in our rescue.  We have cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies.  We conduct adoptions at Petco as well as our shelter facility in Centerton.  You can come visit all of dog in their outdoor exercise area, and our cats in our Cat Barn.  You can also see what animals we have to offer on our adoption page.  Just click below.

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We take in dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens.  We pay for their vet care, their food, and their shelter.  We rely completely on donations to help these animals.  We have a variety of different ways you can help.  Volunteer your time, become a foster home, donate money, or choose some items we are in great need of off our Amazon.com Wish List.  Please visit our Donation page to see your options.

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We have an onsite shelter program for our rescue animals.  We do use foster homes, but our primary means of caring for our animals is at our Lone Pine Ranch.  We have both indoor and outdoor facilities, with isolation areas for our canine and feline companions.  We can always use Volunteers to help walk the dogs, socialize the cats, and help clean up the mess they make during their day to day care.

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What People Say About Our Shelter

The folks at Lone Pine put the needs of the animals first, before everything else.  Top Notch Rescue.

Vicky T - Cat Haven Ranch

A local rescue who focuses on rescuing animals and providing immediate care.

Linda P - Fabulous Felines

The people at this rescue care about helping to support other rescues locally too.  They care about keeping animals safe.

Romaine K - Spay Arkansas

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  • Lone Pine Ranch - Facility

    Our Rescue

    Ever wonder how this rescue got started, and who the driving force behind Lone Pine is?  Take a moment and read about the founder and current director of Lone Pine Ranch.

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  • Lone Pine Shelter - Common Questions

    Common Questions

    We usually get the same general questions about Spay/Neuter, Adoption, Fostering, Volunteering, etc...  We have made a list of these common questions and tried to answer them here.

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  • Lone Pine Shelter - Foster Homes

    Foster Homes

    Have you ever wanted to open up your home to a rescue pet?  Don't really want to adopt a lifetime companion though?  We have a great Foster Home program that allows for a temporary safety net.

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  • Lone Pine Shelter - Volunteer


    Do you want to spend a couple hours a week making a possible life saving difference to a dog or cat?  Come spend some time with Lone Pine Ranch.  We have several different ways you can help.

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